... a romantic comedy
written by Rick Johnson & Natalie Alder 

Mild-mannered Myles Mitchell wasn’t looking for love that day in Daly’s Diner when he met Yvette Luponski. The thirty-two year old accountant was happy with his vacuums and daily lunches at Daly’s. But from the first time he insulted her he was head over heels for the waitress. Join Myles on his rollercoaster love life with Yvette and the many different characters that frequent the same greasy spoon, including guest appearances by TT from Rick Johnson’s Trailer Trash.

The Ice Cream Man Chronicles (The Chronicles #2)
The Ice Cream Man Chronicles (The Chronicles Series, #2)
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The Vacuum Chronicles

The Chronicles Series 

           ... romantic comedies with Rick Johnson

The Ice Cream ManChronicles 

... another romantic comedy 

written by Rick Johnson & Natalie Alder 

Humble Ted Mitchell was living his dream as the proud owner of an ice cream truck when he met the lovely Laura Iverson…and her three children. Attracted to the single mother at first sight, Ted thought maybe she could be the wife and family he had always wanted.

Casual conversation during their first few dates led to them starting their own investigation into the alleged deaths of Ted’s cousin, Myles Mitchell and Myles’s wife, Yvette. Even though all appearances pointed toward the couple having perished on the lake in a houseboat explosion, there was something very fishy about the tragedy.  When Laura’s children’s antics became more than Ted thought he could handle (never mind Laura’s dangerous ex-husband, her wacky mother, the mob, and an FBI agent posing as a French waiter), he was soon wishing to have his old life back. 

Sometimes, it’s best not to open a can of worms unless you’re actually fishing—for fish–and not for murder suspects.

​​​​Natalie Alder