Book 2 

Getting the girl. The age-old story of guy meets girl, girl plays hard-to-get and guy tries his hardest to win her over. Gunner Ford only wishes it were so easy. The only girl he’s ever had eyes for doesn’t know he exists, but her overly possessive boyfriend is too aware of him. Beaten for taking her on a date he never did take her on is only the beginning. Gunner keeps his distance yet keeps getting the raw end of the deal…and still never gets the woman. He’s more worried about her safety than he is own, however. He can’t give up caring about her. If anything, he’s persistent. He’ll get the girl. Or maybe he’ll just die trying.


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The Cowboy Who Left: Book One in The Ford Brothers Series

Book 4

The Cowboy Who Stayed cover model, Josh Malm a.k.a. Redwood Son, is a talented singer-song writer.

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It was simple. Hunter worked the family farm. He was good at growing things. He wasn’t and didn’t need to be a nice person. So, why this woman pestered him to smile was beyond him. She was the most irritating woman he had ever met. She was also the most beautiful woman he had ever met.

​​Tanner Ford loved his brothers. Family meant a lot to the cowboy. It was challenging having to be the parent to them as well as his mother.

Deciding to leave was the hardest thing he ever did.

The Cowboy Who Swayed : Book Four in the Ford Brothers Series

Butch Ford had good looks but he didn’t have much self-esteem. His anger led to fist-fights, his failures led to avoidance. But he was tired of swaying out of the way of flying fists and from schemes and lies. He wanted to have Jodi’s level of confidence. And he figured he’d learn how by being her friend. Just her friend.



Book 3

The Cowboy Who Stayed (The Ford Brothers Series Book 2)
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The Cowboy Who Persisted (The Ford Brothers Series Book 3)

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